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STL LED promises “Best Light, Best Price!”

How do we uphold this promise?

A better lighting solution


Businesses that switch to LED fixtures experience monthly cost savings of up to several thousand dollars in a few short years.



Your business shouldn’t be interrupted while you upgrade your fixtures. We are available outside of normal business hours, for no extra charge.


Our LED fixtures use a daisy chain connecting unit. This unique design results in a faster installation time than other LED products offered.


All of our products are ordered specifically for each client’s project, ensuring that you will receive the latest lighting technology that best fits your needs.

Understanding Your Business’ Needs

We begin our process by conducting a free energy assessment of your location to understand your current lighting situation and lighting concerns.

Creating a Comprehensive Proposal

We’ll then create a proposal suiting your business’ needs, maximizing energy bill savings and including available energy rebates. Our thorough proposals also include data on the environmental benefits of your lighting project and ancillary benefits to your business and your employees.

Accessing Manufacturer Relationships
If the lighting solution you envision isn’t currently available on the market, we’ll access our close relationships with lighting manufacturers to design and produce your ideal fixtures. 
Bringing the Showroom to You
Rather than maintaining a large showroom, we keep a low inventory and bring a sample set of lights to your space and install them for free. Doing so keeps our overhead costs low and we pass those savings along to our customers. Our complimentary sample installation also allows you to experience the suggested fixtures in your space and confirm that we are on the same page before you sign an Installation Agreement.  
Providing a Turn-Key Solution 

Once hired, we handle all the details: submitting your application for Rebate Incentives, providing both materials and installation, flexibly fitting our installation around your schedule, and addressing any post-installation concerns.


We welcome the opportunity to talk you through our entire process and further explain the many benefits of LED technology. Give us a call at (314) 394-2004‬ with any questions you may have.

Take the first step toward a brighter, greener future by scheduling your FREE LED Lighting Assessment today!

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